Which Bryant equipment will best fit my home?

There are many factors that affect the sizing and specifications of your system, including square footage, insulation, window surface and configuration, geographic location of your home, duct sizing and arrangement, and many others. High Mark Heating & Cooling can perform an in-home load analysis to determine which equipment combinations will perfectly suit your home and your family’s needs.

Why would I want a heat pump?

Heat pumps operate like an air conditioner on electricity, but can be used to heat or cool your home. Best suited for moderate climates, Bryant heat pumps can bring heating and cooling comfort to the whole home and can switch between the two easily. Call us today to learn more about Bryant heat pumps and talk to Tim, who can tell you if your home is right for a heat pump.

What is the difference between variable-speed and two-stage?

Variable-speed systems operate in longer, lower speed cycles throughout the day. A two-stage system ramps up, as temperatures become extreme, until it reaches the desired temperature inside, then it drops to a lower operation to keep temperatures consistent. Both operation systems are more efficient than single-stage, on/off systems.

Why can’t I find the correct size furnace filter at my local home improvement store?

Many filters shipped with Bryant units are made from higher-quality materials than those of the disposable filters found in retail stores. For that reason, true Bryant replacement filters can only be purchased through your Bryant dealer High Mark Heating & Cooling.  However, keep in mind that some Bryant filters are reusable, and can be washed by hand in cold water.

Where can I get parts for my Equipment?

High Mark Heating & Cooling is the best resource for identifying and supplying the correct, current parts for your system, as well as pricing and availability.

What are the benefits of a programmable thermostat?

A programmable thermostat can help save on energy costs. By tailoring your heating and cooling system to your schedule, you can make sure you aren’t overheating or overcooling an empty house.

Why is the SEER rating on the Energy Guide different than what my dealer quoted?

Each split system outdoor cooling unit has a nominal SEER rating. This rating can be increased with the upgrade of the indoor unit. Your dealer has access to the equipment specifications and can provide you with the actual combination rating for your system.

Why does my warranty cover?

Under the standard factory limited warranty, Bryant covers defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. If a defect is found within the warranty period, Bryant will provide a new or remanufactured part, at Bryant’s sole option, without charge for the part itself. The limited warranty does not cover labor. A warranty certificate was included with your homeowner information packet, and is specific to the model numbers, serial numbers and installation dates of your products. If you cannot find your warranty certificate, give us a call with your model and serial number and we will be able to help provide you with the information.

I need help troubleshooting a problem with my equipment?

High Mark Heating & Cooling is your troubleshooting expert, and we are glad to help you, just give us a call. In addition, we have access to a network of troubleshooting technicians at Bryant distribution centers across the country. Should you encounter a situation that requires additional factory help, we are happy to contact the factory service manager for assistance.