Second Opinions

Getting A 2nd Opinion On HVAC Services

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought that getting a second opinion is prudent?  Perhaps you were considering a large purchase and wondered if you could find a better deal.  Or maybe you visited your physician and wanted a specialist to review your diagnosis and treatment.  As a homeowner, you should also consider a second opinion before you spend money on major repairs and new equipment, including your HVAC system.

How Can a Second Opinion on HVAC Services Help Me?

Getting a second opinion on your HVAC system helps you by:

• Ensuring that you receive the most appropriate repairs and replacement equipment

• Protecting your budget from unnecessary and exorbitant expenses

• Helping you feel confident and comfortable with the HVAC contractor, services and equipment

How Do I Know If I Need a Second Opinion on HVAC Services?

One of the best ways to recognize those times when you need a second opinion is to trust your instinct.  Any reputable HVAC company will appreciate your decision to get a second opinion.  Highly qualified and skilled HVAC contractors know how their companies stand out from other HVAC companies in your area, so they know that you will ultimately choose them. Experienced homeowners recognize certain signs that a second opinion is needed for their HVAC systems.  As you work with an HVAC contractor, watch for the following:

• Recommendations to immediately take care of a serious problem when your HVAC system has been working properly

• Special pricing or discounts that are only good for one day

• HVAC contractors who pressure you into paying for services or equipment before the work is started

• Bids or “Deals” that seem too good to be true — significantly lower bids can mean lower quality parts and products

• HVAC companies that are not licensed with the State of Idaho or don’t have proper certifications

Before you choose an HVAC contractor for your heating and cooling services or new HVAC equipment, contact High Mark Heating & Cooling for a free in-home second opinion.  And, if you ever feel uncertain about the recommendations of one of our technicians, please call Matt or Tim to discuss.  Your feedback is important to us and we want to hear what you have to say!  Thank you!