In business, oftentimes you need to look at the bigger picture. Our professionals do that as well. Sometimes a repair is not sufficient to fix your HVAC equipment. Sometimes replacing your equipment is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to go. Even though it may be a little more expensive up front, it’s a long term investment in your home’s equity or business.

With a new system, you will actually be spending less in energy and cooling costs. We will always be honest with you about whether a replacement makes sense. We value our time and your money––we don’t want to perform repairs or service on an appliance that is in need of replacement.

Site Survey

Once you’ve decided it’s time for a replacement our trained and factory authorized professional(s) will make an appointment to come out to your property to conduct a site survey.  We will assess all the factors that go into conducting a heating & cooling load, along with review of layout, ductwork, number of existing registers, windows, insulation, ceiling pitch, flooring material, etc.  Once we’ve met with you at your property, gathered all the necessary information, and discussed any budget constraints we can then prepare a formal bid to meet your needs.

Free Estimate

Pursuant to a site survey, your professional High Mark Heating & Cooling Project Estimator will provide a no-charge bid or  proposal on most projects.  You can expect your free estimate typically within 5 business days.

We Use Top Quality Products

High Mark Heating & Cooling is a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer, meaning we use the best equipment in the business. Bryant has been the pinnacle of heating and air conditioning products for over 100 years. Their high-quality, high-functioning heating and cooling systems are sure to keep you comfortable all year long.  Although we service and repair a number of different brands, we recommend Bryant equipment for the majority of our replacement & installation services. When you’re shopping for any replacement with High Mark Heating & Cooling, know you’re getting the best products in the HVAC industry.

Installation & Start Up Process

When the time comes for an HVAC system installation in your North Idaho home, it is important that the installation team completes all essential activity properly. At High Mark Heating & Cooling, we use an HVAC installation checklist so that our customers can rest assured that we have taken care of every detail. We diligently observe the checklist before, during, and after installation so no area is overlooked and you have a successful start up of your new system(s).

Each Part Affects the Whole

Proper installation can make a huge difference in comfort and energy savings. It is also important to the life of your system. The internal components of a unit that is not secure can experience more wear and tear. The outdoor unit can also become easily dislodged in a storm. The following are other factors that must be considered during installation:


• All connections must be inspected

• Power cords must be free of damage

• If it’s an older home make sure that wiring can support the electrical needs of the new system

Drip Pans

• Drip pans must be clean and free of cracks and rust

• There should be no standing water, odors or leaks

• The drain must be clear and free of fungi

Fan Chambers

• This area should also be clean and free of dust or dirt

• The fan motor must be lubricated

• The fan belt must have the right tension


• The ductwork should be clean and free of obstructions

• There should be no gaps, cracks, or leaks

• Air distribution must be balanced

• Supply and return vents should be open and clean

Our technicians will also check for proper installation of the filter, the thermostat(s), and make sure there are no refrigerant or fuel leaks. All parts of the system must be checked, or the efficiency and lifespan of the new installation may be affected.

Trust the Experts at High Mark Heating & Cooling

With our experience, quality products, knowledge, and by following a checklist during every furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner installation, we can guarantee that your new system will operate at its peak level for your safety and comfort. For more information about a new HVAC installation or to go over any item on our checklist, contact us today!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sandpoint and it’s surrounding communities in Bonner County are your home and our home.  Like family, we value our relationships and your trust.  We stand behind our work and the factory warranties.  We will always try to achieve your 100% satisfaction with our work – Whatever it takes!