Control Temperatures and Save Energy with Zoned Heating Systems

Maximizing the comfort of your home is our job. One of the ways we can help you achieve this goal is through a zoned heating and cooling system that is balanced. A zoned heating system allows greater control over heat distribution in the house. You can turn up the heat just where you need it, just when you need it—resulting in significant savings on your utility bills. The key to a successfully zoned system is balance.  Need some convincing? Read on to learn more about the benefits of zoned heating.

What is a Zoned System?

A zoned heating and cooling system breaks your home into different areas or “zones”, each controlled separately by a thermostat. Zoning your home allows for several benefits including elimination of hot and cold spots and individual control of different rooms’ temperatures.  You know what we are talking about…Mom needs it cooler in the kitchen and grandpa wants his bedroom hot!  And don’t forget about all those co- workers who fuss with the one thermostat controlling the entire office.  A zoned system could be a perfect solution for you!

How Does a Zoned System Work?

The secret to a zoned heating and cooling system is electronically controlled dampers in your ductwork. Dampers are like valves that control the flow of your heated and cooled air throughout your home. The second part of a zoned heating and cooling system is the thermostat. A thermostat is placed in each zone so that it can control the electronic dampers in your air ducts. When an area needs more air from your heater or air conditioner, the thermostat tells the damper to open up and let more air through. Likewise when an area has reached its desired temperature, it closes the dampers and sends the air to the rest of your home.

Creating a Balanced Zone System is Key to Success

Take it from us and our experience in North Idaho, the key to a successfully zoned system is balance.  All zones must share the load equally.  For example:  if you have a 2 story home that is 2400 square feet, we recommend creating 2 zones, each sharing the work of heating 1200 square feet. This balanced approach will help ensure your equipment is working productively and optimally, all the while making sure your comfort is not compromised.  Balance is key!

Why Would I Want a Zoned System?

There are several reasons North Idaho home and business owners zone their heating and cooling system, including:

  • More even temperature distribution

The most common use of a zoned system is to eliminate hot and cold spots. For example, most two-story or multi-level homes suffer from uneven heating and cooling. Because heat rises, the upper levels are always warmer than the lower levels. To combat this, at least two zones are installed – one upstairs and one downstairs. As one zone reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat slows the flow of air to that zone, which forces more air to the other zone and creates more even temperatures throughout your home.

  • Different comfort levels for different family members

Another common use of a zoned home heating and cooling system is to meet the temperature demands of different family members without fighting over the thermostat. A zoned system lets you control the temperature of each area independently. If someone in your home likes it much colder or warmer than the rest of the household, this can be an ideal solution. A zone is installed in their bedroom, letting them change their temperature without affecting the rest of your home. Zoning your home’s heating and cooling system can provide a multitude of benefits.

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